Sophia Rose is just your average Japanese obsessed, fabulous, talented 18-year-old. Her parents originally hail from New York City, making them all a little louder and faster paced than usual. She lives with her mom, Josie, her identical twin sister Isabella and their younger brother Jackson. They live in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Clarita. 
On January 25th, 2017, Sophia Rose's mom Josie posted her first pair of hand drawn shoes on her Facebook - you can see it here. She had asked her mom for some white Vans so she can draw her own design. Her mom, ever supportive, ordered them but first went to the local Payless shoe store and purchased her a pair of $6 clearance white slip-ons so she may "practice". What Sophia went on to create into the wee hours of that school night would catapult her from just the overly dramatic middle child to undetected artist who still impresses her family and many others daily with her incredible designs.  Oh and if you meet Sophia Rose be warned that even though she has a gregarious, over-the-top personality among the company of people she knows, she is very humble and reserved when meeting new people and you won't ever hear her boast about her art, but be warned you will hear her very loud Mom do it for her!
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