Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall
NYC Themed Shoes
Infinite Space
Phantom of the Opera
Led Zepplin
Superheros, Banksy
Death Note Anime #43
NYC, Broadway Shows, Graffiti, 9/11
Wonder Woman
Malificent, Hello Kitty, R2D2, Vintage Octopus
Attack on Titan
Pusheen the Cat
Death Note #8
Classroom Assassin
Spirited Away, My neighbor Totoro, Princess Monoke
Harry Potter & Piano Customs
Kids Disney Frozen
Full metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Led Zeppelin Band
Blue Exorcist
Bamboo Originals by Sophia Rose
Kawaii Original Sophia Rose
Original "Dragon" Design by Sophia Rose
Realism Kids & Cats
Dark Lolita Original Sophia Rose
Naruto #19
Naruto & Fairytail Animes
Ghost in the Shell
The Devil Riders Band
Converse Customs Dogs & Palm Trees
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Black Ink Unicorn & Yink Yang on peach Old Skool Vans
Yuri!! on Ice
Supernatural, Power Rangers, Back to the Future
Dragonflys, Faires
Anniversary Customs 2 pairs of Vans
Peonies, Lilies, Louis Vuitton
Custom Boat Shoes on Vans Old Skools
NYC Day/Night on TOMS
White Painted Skulls on Black Vans
Kids Sofia the 1st, Disney Princesses
Customs for Ellen DeGeneres
Toads vs Frogs Street fighter Theme
Harry Potter/Huffle Puff
Superhero Kid Customs
Black Butler
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